SP2 set

The SP2 is designed for the most demanding users looking for a high-end quality.

Completely built in anodized aluminum, steel and bronze, you will enjoy a very high degree of reliability.

Equipped with a genuine leather steering wheel, 6 high quality buttons and a "F1 style" gearbox with two large aluminum shifting paddles.

All the features and options available provide a full range of settings for a better control.

The unique engineering design of the pedals allows you to drive in both F1 and GT position.

Solid and very accurate, the SP2 is made to get the best driving comfort and high performance on track.

Model S2
Raw materials Anodized aluminum
Wheelskin Genuine leather
Gearbox shifter F1 style paddles shifter
Push buttons 6
Potentiometer High accuracy ceramic track
Steering column Aeronautic aluminum
Steering axis Rectified steel / Bronze bushings
Steering wheel models F1 / RS / GT
Wheels Ø F1 : 11 in - 28 cm / RS & GT : 10.2 in - 26 cm
Width 10.2 in - 26 cm
Depth 7.1 in - 18 cm
Height 6.1 in - 15,5 cm
Steering wheel rotation angle 340°
Steering wheel fixing 2 quick steel fasteners
Connectivity USB
System requirement Windows 8 and earlier
Driver Generic Windows Hid
Compatibility PC car simulation games
Warranty 3 years
Model P2
Raw materials Anodized aluminum
Width 9.8 in - 25 cm
Depth 19.3 in - 49 cm
Height 12.6 in - 32 cm
Pedals height 9.4 in - 24 cm
Potentiometers High accuracy ceramic track
Connectivity USB
Driver Generic Windows Hid
Throttle hardness 13.22 lbs - 6 kg
Brake hardness 44.09 lbs / 20 kg
with optional brake spring Up to 88.18 lbs / 40 kg
Pedals angle settings GT : 35° / F1 : 90°
Brake pedal distance settings Long and short
Heel-toe feature Yes
System requirement Windows 8 and earlier
Compatibility PC car simulation games
Warranty 3 years
Volant pédalier SP2