Founded in 1996, SPEEDWAYLAND designs, creates and manufactures steering wheels, pedals and accessories for the world of racing video games.

Our brand is specialized in manufacturing high end products in full metal.

Our creation and our design is characterized by a style where only the quality and excellence have their place.

Each product is manufactured and assembled with a special attention to achieve a very high level of finish quality.

Pioneer in manufacturing products entirely made of aluminum, steel, bronze and leather, our leading raw materials offer to all our ranges a high reliability and unparalleled precision.

Our mission

SPEEDWAYLAND has always created his steering wheels and pedals sets for the most demanding customers.

Thanks to all of our customers, every day we have the pleasure and desire to improve our designs to best satisfy this requirement.

Year after year, we have built a solid reputation of high quality manufacturing.

Constantly evolving, our creation offer you a wide choice of steering wheels and pedals sets available for your pleasure.

Our evolution

Our production remained a long time confidential because we wanted to take the time in our development.

From the first day, all of our customers have shared our experience by bringing us their trust.

With our know-how we have always manufactured our steering wheels and pedals sets in our own workshops within our company.

Quality and nothing else

We knew that making the choice of high quality products, we would be able to offer great ranges with the aim of making them accessible to the greatest number.

With 18 years of experience, we have evolved with the clear intention to allow each user to access and have the pleasure to race with a steering wheel and a pedals set of our creation.

SPEEDWAYLAND consolidated its own identity over the years defending the idea that quality is for everyone.

We offer you a great alternative with our new products ranges.

At SPEEDWAYLAND, the culture of quality is in our DNA forever !

SP2-C steering wheel / pedals set SP2 steering wheel / pedals set S2 steering wheel P2 pedals P2-C pedals