Since 1996, SPEEDWAYLAND is a pioneer in its field with its innovative after sales service.

Our ranges have been designed so that you can change any component on your steering wheel and pedals set.

Nothing is more boring and costly than having to ship your steering wheel or your pedals, for weeks, just to change a single potentiometer or a spring.

With our simplified after sales service, you can change a spare part and repair your product in just a few minutes.

You will never be separated from your steering wheel and pedals set and will be back on track as fast as a splash and dash pitstop !

Our experience

Our 16 years of experience and the high reliability of our products have helped us to reduce the cost and maintenance to the bare minimum of a few spare parts like the potentiometers and the springs.

Through the simplicity of our after sales service your steering wheel and pedals set will always be in top shape and for years of heavy use.

Spare parts

Steering wheel spring

For 2013 steering wheels : S2

Réf : R1

Price per unit : 7,00 €

High quality cermet potentiometer

For 2013 steering wheels and pedals sets.

Réf : R2

Price per unit : 8,50 €

Throttle spring

For 2013 pedals sets: P2 / P2-C. Hardness : 6 kg

Réf : R3A

Price per unit : 5,00 €

Brake spring

For 2013 pedals sets : P2 / P2-C. Hardness : 20 kg

Réf : R3F

Price per unit : 5,00 €

Centering spring

For 2013 steering wheels : S2, delivered with screws and rubber protection.

Réf : R4

Price per unit : 5,00 €

Steering wheel paddles spring

For 2013 steering wheels : S2

Réf : R5

Price per unit : 4,00 €

SP2-C steering wheel / pedals set SP2 steering wheel / pedals set S2 steering wheel P2 pedals P2-C pedals