Our Vision

We are happy to share with you our vision and values leading the creation of our product ranges.

Everyday we give sense and shape to words like "Quality", "Expertise" and many others that we invite you to discover with us.

By these few words, we will describe you what we call "The SPEEDWAYLAND spirit".


SPEEDWAYLAND was born in 1996 from the passion for the motor racing world and its technical innovations.

We chose to express our creativity by what is most personal for a racing driver, namely: "the steering wheel and the pedals set."

We are very pleased to share with you, for so many years, this passion that drives us through all our creations.


Our development is based on the combination of simplicity and efficiency associated with sober and pure design.

Our influences come from worlds such as design, architecture, aircraft, sailing and automotive.

We set no limits to our imagination to achieve the ultimate elegance.

Our design is meant to serve a better user experience.


Our products are all designed and manufactured in our workshops.

Each wheel and each pedals set is hand-assembled and carefully made within the company.

We have always developed and maintained our craftsmanship since the very beginning.

With the spirit of an independent manufacturer, we have the perfect control of all our production process at every stage, from the choice of the raw materials until the finished product.


All our steering wheels and pedals sets are entirely made with anodized aluminum, steel, bronze and real leather.

Nothing is more enjoyable and more realistic than a beautiful suede leather and anodized aluminum that will offer you an outstanding rendering quality.

Reliability, accuracy, functionality, elegance and evolution are the hallmarks of our work every day.

Only excellence is important to us when we create our products.


At SPEEDWAYLAND since our inception, 16 years ago, we always take the time to create all our products.

This gives us the chance to ensure high quality work, we spend a lot of time creating, but also on complete tests made on our wheels and pedals sets for many months before proposing them.

With our long experience in this area, we were able to develop ranges of products that can meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.

Therefore, we will never put on the market, in haste, a product that would not meet to our requirements.

This is our business philosophy, creating products with a high quality level.


Our steering wheels and pedals sets are for the user for which the accuracy is a top priority.

We do not compromise on our quality requirements, it is part of our DNA, that's why we only use high end raw materials.

Through this choice, our products offer high reliability and are designed to withstand many years of intensive use.

Words like quality and reliability find their concrete meaning with our SPEEDWAYLAND warranty over several years.

With an excellent accuracy, your driving on track and your performance will be unrivaled.


The experience gained during the last 18 years in manufacturing of steering wheels and pedals sets allows us to offer you the best quality price ratio.

Confident in the quality of our products, you get a 3 year warranty on all our ranges
(see Terms and Conditions) .

Through our 3 years of warranty, you will race in full serenity.


Here is one of our favorite words !

At SPEEDWAYLAND, loyalty is a key word.

Firstly, we have always been faithful to our convictions in terms of quality.

In order to bring you the best of our expertise, we work together for 18 years with all of our industrial partners.

This loyalty is also shared with all our customers who trust us and advise our brand to their friends.

Thanks to this, we could develop and expand our new ranges. For all this, we want to thank them warmly.

This is why, all our customers will benefit from our new loyalty offer.

It is a permanent discount of 10% of the price, granted from the second purchase and on the followings
(see Terms and Conditions).

By becoming one of our customers, your loyalty will be rewarded.


With our new ranges for PC, you can compose your steering wheel and pedals set depending to your taste.

Our creation is continuous, and many additional products to come are already in the testing phase.

Therefore, it seemed important to allow you to grow with us and our future products.

So you can always have fun for the best price.


You have now a clear idea of who we are, what we create and about our corporate vision.

At SPEEDWAYLAND, we work daily with the strong feeling that we will always defend quality.

With our high-end quality you simply get the best !

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