P2-C pedals

The P2-C is equipped with a clutch pedal and is our best and most complete high-end model.

Completely built of anodized aluminum and steel, you get a pedal set designed to last.

All the features and options available provide a full range of settings for a better control.

The unique engineering design, allows you to drive in F1 and GT position.

Solid and very accurate, the P2-C is made for all those looking for reliability and performance.

Model P2-C
Raw materials Anodized aluminum
Width 13.8 in - 35 cm
Depth 19.3 in - 49 cm
Height 12.6 in - 32 cm
Pedals height 9.4 in - 24 cm
Potentiometers High accuracy ceramic track
Connectivity USB
Driver Generic Windows Hid
Throttle hardness 13.22 lbs - 6 kg
Brake hardness 44.09 lbs / 20 kg
with optional brake spring Up to 88.18 lbs / 40 kg
Clutch hardness 4.09 lbs / 20 kg
Pedals angle settings GT : 35° / F1 : 90°
Brake pedal distance settings Long and short
Heel-toe feature Yes
System requirement Windows 8 and earlier
Compatibility PC car simulation games
Warranty 3 years
Pédalier P2-C