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Terms and conditions


 Terms and Conditions



    • 1. How to order

      To place an order, you can choose your product and color on our online Store, then you add it to your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart" in the Store product sheet.

      And to finish, just follow the purchase procedure by clicking on the green tab "Check out" in your Cart.



    • 2. Delivery time

      2.1  We work with a permanent stock for all our products.
      . 14 days are needed to achieve your order.
      . This time is needed to manufacture and assembly your product.


      2.2  In the case of a renewal of our stock.
      . We will notify you by email and we will provide you a new delivery time.
      . Once the product is renewed and available in our stock, we will ask you by email your confirmation and agreement to
      complete and deliver your order.



    • 3. Prices

      All the prices of our products are with VAT tax included and in euro currency for orders delivered in Europe (VAT of 20%).

      SPEEDWAYLAND reserves the right to change any price at any time without prior notice.



    • 4. Payments

      4.1  The payment of your purchases can be made on our online Store by :
      . Credit card.
      . Bank Transfer.

      4.2  Your products are payable in euros all taxes included for Europe orders.

      4.3  Your products will be delivered after receipt of your payment.



    • 5. Shipping of your products

      The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer on his account when ordering.

      We ship all our products by Fedex International with tracking, delivery against signature and insurance for loss or damaged packages.

      The delivery time is typically from 2 to 5 working days depending on the destination country.

      Once your order is shipped, you will receive by email the shipping confirmation with your tracking number to follow your product on :


    • In case of your absence for the reception, your package will be available for 2 or 3 more days at the Fedex or UPS office close to your home.

      Upon receipt of the goods, you must immediately check the status of the package and its contents in the presence of the carrier. In case of anomaly (damages, damaged package, broken product), you must specify detailed reservations on the delivery note and confirm all damage details within 3 clear days by email to SPEEDWAYLAND and by registered letter to the carrier itself.

      By signing the delivery note, you accept the goods delivered in the state without reservations to reception, no claim for damage incurred during shipping will be accepted. It is your responsibility to carry out all checks and make all detailed reservations at the arrival of equipment in order to carry out, if necessary, any action against the carrier.



    • 6. Shipping costs

      6.1  Free shipping costs for all orders starting from 249€ in Europe for the countries available in our store.

      6.2  For shipping costs of an overseas delivery to other destinations, please contact us.



    • 7. Support

       You benefit an great and simplified after sales service for all SPEEDWAYLAND products.

      7.1  Due to an advanced design of our steering wheels and our pedals sets.
      . You can do the maintenance of your product yourself and change easily any spare parts in only few minutes.
      . With our simplified after sales services you will never be separate from your product.

      7.2 Spare parts.
      . All spare parts are available on our support page :  Support.

      7.3   Email Support.
      . If necessary, we can help you for maintenance or for settings of your product.
      . Contact us here
      . or send us a email at



    • 8. Warranties

      8.1  You get a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on all SPEEDWAYLAND products.
      .  It does not cover spare parts available on our page :  Support.

      8.2  Spare parts.
      .  You get a 90 day warranty against defects on all spare parts.
      .  Under this warranty, you must send us the faulty spare part so we can make the exchange of it.

      8.3  If SPEEDWAYLAND has to do some repairs on your product, intervention costs may be charged to the customer.
      You will previously be informed of the specific amount of the repairs.

      8.4  In case of return for an intervention in our workshops the shipping costs are charged to the customer.

      8.5  Don't forget and don't worry ! each part or spare part on our products can be changed easily by you, so no return should be necessary, no need to be a great handyman !



    • 9. Loyalty offer

      To thank you for your trust and your loyalty.

      9.1  Your benefits :
      . You get a 10% discount on your next orders from your second purchase and on all the following.
      . This discount is permanent and exclusively reserved to our customers.


      9.2  Conditions :
      . You must already be equipped with a first SPEEDWAYLAND product.
      . The discount is not applicable and can not be combined with our special offers that may be available for limited periods during the year.
      . The 10% discount does not apply to spare parts.
      . This 10% discount is applicable on all our steering wheels and pedals sets without quantity limit on the official prices listed on our online Store.


      Due to our loyalty offer you can reward yourself at any time of the year !



    • 10. Sponsorship offer

      Each SPEEDWAYLAND customer can sponsor his friends.

      10.1  Benefit for you :
      . You receive a 10% commission of the purchase price off VAT tax of your godson order.
      . Your commission will be paid on your paypal or bank account by SPEEDWAYLAND 30 days following the cashing, delivery and receipt
      of the order by your friend.

      Example :

      When a SPEEDWAYLAND product is purchased by your godson at 549€ VAT included or 459,03€ VAT excluded, your commission will be 45.90€.

      As SPEEDWAYLAND sponsor, you have a golden opportunity to pay you back your own product gradually through these sponsorship commissions and affording to your godson's purchases a 10% discount on the official prices on our store.


      10.2  Benefit for the godson :
      . You get a 10% discount on the official prices when you purchase a product through your sponsor.
      . As a new customer of our brand, you can sponsor your godsons and also receive a 10% commission, in your turn, as SPEEDWAYLAND sponsor.


      10.3  Conditions :
      . The sponsorship offer is exclusively reserved to customers that ordered a SPEEDWAYLAND product on our Store or in a partner Store.
      . Sponsorship must not and can not represent the main income source for our customers sponsors.
      . SPEEDWAYLAND reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship which does not conform to the spirit of the present status
      and accordingly cancel the benefits and commissions arising from it.
      . The sponsorship is not applicable or can not be combined with special offers that can be presented on limited periods of the year.
      . The sponsorship does not apply to spare parts.
      . Sponsorship is applicable to all our steering wheels and pedals sets without quantity limit on the official prices on our online Store.


      Through our sponsorship offer, you get all the benefits, commissions and discounts reserved to our sponsors and godsons !



    • 11. Contact SPEEDWAYLAND

      11.1  By email :
      . Contact us here
      . or send us a email at



    • 12. Terms and conditions changes

      SPEEDWAYLAND reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.